A bit late to the party but we finally got around to seeing the Ken Garland Exhibition before it closed. Located at Sheffield Hallam University, the exhibition celebrates the work of one of Britain’s most prolific Graphic Designers.

For some reason (possibly alcohol), Ken’s work passed us by whilst in Design Education. We now feel embarrassed that we’ve missed out on such a rich seam of inspiration. He is a key figure in the development of Graphic Design. His CV includes Art Editor of Design Magazine for 1956-1962 and his client list whilst at Ken Garland & Associates included Galt Toys, Dancer & Hearne, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and more. When you look around the exhibition you notice that his work is still relevant today.

Ken is also known for his outspoken views. He famously said “The Nazis had the most effective corporate identity ever – this should warn us. That evil, horrible regime had this superlative corporate identity in which they didn’t tolerate any diversity.”

However, the thing that surprised us the most about the exhibition is to learn that, although born back in 1929, he is still working today. Both in industry and education, Ken continues to influence and challenge.

The Exhibition itself is visually striking. Hats off to Pam Bowman and Sheffield Hallam. They have done a great job to showcase his legacy. The use of beautiful typography with inset videos instead of still photography is a nice touch. Making the publication layouts come alive.

More please Sheffield Hallam!