Snout, cigs, fags, tab ends, smokes, cancer sticks, roll ups. However you choose to say it there’s just not that many positive ways to say ‘cigarette’ are there?

Well actually, the face of smoking is at long last changing, with ‘E’ cigarette smoking (or vaping) becoming the new healthier way of satisfying that craving.

You would be forgiven for not noticing people using electronic cigarettes; They don’t smell like a chimney for one thing, there’s no plume of smoke (only water vapor)  wafting into your face if someone has one in front of you in the bus queue.

You won’t see groups of E-smokers huddled around pub doorways in the rain puffing away, as they are perfectly legal to use anywhere.

E-cigarette users don’t stub out their smokes on the soles of their shoes in order to save a drag for later as tobacco seems to be the most expensive thing on Earth these days, (save over 2 grand a year on the E-cigs).

Oh, and lets not forget that E-cigarettes are healthier as they don’t contain any carcinogens including yucky tar. (the best place for tar is on the roads, but don’t get me started on potholes in Sheffield…).

When Mirage asked us to come up with an ad campaign to run on the back of local buses we knew that we had the four key points mentioned above to communicate to Sheffielders.  Our solution: No Tar Luv!

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